Look ma, I am talking on the phone!

In this picture Chuck Muth is doing which of the following…

A) Telling all the ‘pro-business’ lobbyists in Nevada that they should donate money to him and/or one of his many ‘non-profits’ because he is, “The only REAL conservative in Nevada and can make robo-calls against Republicans!”

B) Trying to convince ‘Sheriff Joe’ to come back to Vegas again by promising him 50% of the gate at ‘First Friday’.

C) Re-enacting the phone call that he never got from Governor Sandoval.

D) Nothing. Dan Burdish just took the photo because Jon Ralston promised him if Chuck would stop telling everyone they were friends he would run it in The Sun.

7 Responses to Look ma, I am talking on the phone!

  1. muththemoron says:

    E) On the phone saying “I wish to file bankruptcy due to years of self greed, self indulgence, and buying too many cheap Walmart suits and penny loafers”. Got to admire a true fiscal conservative when he asks the government to help bale his stupid ass out.

  2. muththemoron says:

    F) On the phone:” Ed Goedhart, can you please show me that porn website you were surfing while in front of everyone in the legislature, did I tell you, that you are my hero? Oh and Ed, lets make up another legislature bill based on another cowboy movies I watch all the time, as this is my only life to make bills like “10 bears”, let’s call the next shared bill “Brokeback Mountain Bill” as you are very special to me.”

  3. muththemoron says:

    G) To his wife: “I cannot believe there is a website mocking me. I am the greatest fiscal conservative of all time. I bet this website will be unfair to me, and I am fair to everyone on my blog-site, as I treat everyone fairly and never call names, and never censor. I bet this jerks will censor me, and call me names. Can we go to Walmart when you get home, need another suit, and want to buy Brokeback Mountain in HD.

  4. muththemoron says:

    H) ” I will take 2 pizzas to go, can I use credit”

  5. muththemoron says:

    I) To Sen. Ben Kieckhefer: “You have to sign the Americans for Tax Reform pledge, my pledge on no new taxes is meaningful, serious. What do you mean no one cares what I think or say? No new taxes no new meaning? What? You are a RINO sir. If you don’t agree with me you are a….what, no I am not a republican….I dropped out, but I feel connected to the party, and tell the GOP what they should do/say. Yes I dropped out, and became “independent”…no, not like Harry Reid. Don’t hang up on me, I am a serious conservative”

  6. muththemoron says:

    J) On phone to the Review-Journal: ” I have been chairman of Citizens Outreach for 16-1/2 years, we have been succesful at ..at…ummm…umm..getting money donations and, umm…getting money from Amodies PAC, and umm….. ” Yes Chuck is very irrelevant to NV politics.

  7. muththemoron says:

    K) To Ralston: Why do you win writing awards all the time? I just don’t get it. Look at my articles, I call people names, I am clever, I am irrelevant in politics, I have no balls to run for office, my blog site I act like a child when someone calls me out, no one ever calls me in on their TV shows for responses, I have antiquated ideoligies that only a minority of Nevadans appreciate, I am from back east stuffing those ideoligies down peoples throats, I lick Ed Goedharts boots and watch his porn, I am abrasive, I have no political party, I am a lifeless zombie drone when it comes to conservatism, my way or no way, no comprimise, sign my pledge or die attitude, spinmaster when I am wrong, I wear penny loafers, my looks are hot, even though I think my blog pic was taken in 1962, …..I just don’t get it Ralston, why are you more famous?

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