Ralston man crush

I need U to need me. I'm not really conservative! I don't like the Tea Party either! Tweet me back! BFF?

Is it because idiot muth is a frustrated ‘journalist’ or is it because Jon Ralston occasionally uses muth’s throw away quotes as filler for hit pieces on Republicans? Whatever the reason, and we don’t need to over-think this one, it appears chuck muth has a big time man crush on Jon Ralston.

Here’s a random sampling of chuck muth’s love tweets to Ralston – and this is just over a 48 hour period. Notice how the self-proclaimed ‘conservative’ slams the Tea Party and agrees with Jon “far more often than you think”.

In these love tweets with the dean of liberal journos in Nevada, Muth even has the chutzpah to call Sharron Angle ‘shameless’ for sending out a self-promoting e-mail (this from a guy who sends out e-mails asking for $ every single day). Honestly, you can’t make this up.

“When @ChuckMouth and @RalstonFlash are on the same side, something’s really wrong.”/Happens far more often than you think. Jon’s a smart guy! 11 Jun

BTW, @RalstonFlash and I are never wrong when we agree. Once we thought we were wrong…but we were mistaken.10 Jun
In shameless e-mail sales plug for new book, Angle declares “the effort to defeat Harry Reid isn’t over!”10 Jun
@RalstonFlash: When Jon’s right, he’s right. 10 Jun
@RalstonFlash: That wasn’t God; that was the Tea Party Express…which only thinks it’s God. 10 Jun
The most pathetic thing about muth’s desperate sucking up to Jon Ralston is that @RalstonFlash never returns the love. Idiot muth indeed.

2 Responses to Ralston man crush

  1. muththemoron says:

    Muth is a wannabe Ralston. Here Ralston wins journalism awards, has great newspaper articles, has his own TV show, is viewed by many fair, etc etc. Here you have Muth “my way or the highway” attitude, that if he doesn’t get his way, he kicks/cries like a spoiled child.

    Yes Ralston may lean a bit to the left, but Muth falls down on the wacko-side extremist right. Ralston is admired, Muth is plain ass hated, as he is an asswipe when in comes to commentary’s.

    Muth wonders why his agenda doesn’t work? Why he cannot run for office? Why no one gives a shit about him? Muth is irrelevant to Nevada politics, how can you root for the GOP when you drop out of the GOP and become “independent’.

    Muth is just a frustrated bitter old soul, and will soon fade away, and will no longer have Ralstons coat tails to ride on.

  2. idiotmuth says:

    So muth recently got into with an intellectually superior conservative blogger named Orrin Johnson and tries to discredit Johnson by associating Johnson with Jon Ralston. He said;

    “political pundit Jon Ralston calls [Johnson] a ‘true conservative’ (meaning he agrees with Jon).”

    Ironic, er moronic, muth is the one who on multiple occasions has said he agrees with Jon Ralston “more than you might think”.

    If chuck muth can’t have Jon Ralston’s affections then no one can!

    muth is exhibiting the tell tale signs of a spurned lover.

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