Chuck asks Ralston on date…again

More bi-polar babble today in the most recent ‘muth1/2 truth’.

Something about being displeased with a Jon Ralston’s article for praising the governor of Nevada for signing a balanced budget without any new taxes.

Honestly, the point of the post isn’t important, or even coherent. It was however interesting to see muth propose another ‘date night’ with Jon Ralston so the two of them could figure it out over dinner. Muth said:

  …Or maybe they should just outsource the project to me and Jon and let the two of us do it unilaterally over a steak and a Lowenbrau (do they even still make that?). Yeah, that’s the ticket.

It appears muth’s man crush on Jon Ralston is in full bloom … Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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