What the chuck?!?

File this entry under “talking out both sides of his muth”. Nobody is better, er worse, at double-speak than Nevada political parasite chuck muth.

The most recent Bipolar Chuck sighting happened a couple of weeks ago while muth was talking smack on his award whining blog, muthtruths.com.

Surprisingly someone actually took the time to respond to one of his off-the-mark rants and muth deleted their comments. The vast majority of chuck muth’s blog posts get zero responses, yet when he finally does get some responses he inexplicably deletes them?!?

Oh, but it gets even better. Jon Ralston got wind of muth’s blog censorship and called chuck muth out on twitter for being a “pathological liar” and “bully”.

Muth (whose man-crush on Ralston is well documented) was so excited just to be identified by Jon Ralston as a pathological liar (even though Ralston didn’t mention chuck by name) that he reposted Ralston’s comments under “Ralston Watch”.

Yes, chuck muth was so proud to correctly be identified as a pathological liar that he actually reposted Ralston’s tweet on muth’s 1/2 truths. Self-incrimination, brilliant!

Remember, chuck muth has repeatedly called Jon Ralston “well-respected” and “admired”, so by his own admission he has to give weight to Jon Ralston’s observation that chuck muth is a pathological liar.

My guess is that everybody who cares already knows chuck muth is a pathological liar, if they don’t it is certainly easy enough to document.

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