Kiss & Tell


chuck muth is the ‘kiss of death’ for the politicians he claims to support. Elizabeth Halseth is his latest victim.

3 Responses to Kiss & Tell

  1. Chuck Muth says:

    Knowing full well that Elizabeth Halseth was cheating on her husband, that Dan’s arrest was orchestrated by Elizabeth and Tiger H. ( the boyfriend), that Elizabeth’s history is peppered with sexual misconduct allegations, that she has a history of lying (education falsehoods) I was frustrated that the real facts were never being reported.
    So, I don’t care who tells the truth. Let’s just get it told.
    Why don’t you try a hand at it? Get an answer to this: Why was Tiger H. waiting at the Halseth house the morning of the arrest when Dan and Elizabeth arrived home from the counselor’s?

  2. verabrown says:

    First, let me tell you that I have TRUE first hand info. Second, since Elizabeth was missing the POLICE were calling many that might have info about Elizabeth. It was the police who were at Elizabeth house that wanted to talk to Tiger. Now let me give you some of the low down — FACTS & only FACTS

    Chuck Muth, like ALL other bloggers, has a big, stupid, ignorant mouth. He spreads rumors, lies, innuendoes – NO FACTS and NO FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE. Most Bloggers are egocentric & just like to see their name in print – they don’t print facts.

    Elizabeth has always & still does maintain her marriage vows. It was her husband that committed adultery. After he was caught, several times, he projected his bad behavior onto Elizabeth. Elizabeth was tired of Daniel’s wandering eyes & in September she had early discussions with him about a possible divorce. Considering Daniel had a sporadic job history & Elizabeth was frequently the only “bread Winner” – his free ride was about to end. Also Daniel did not like that Elizabeth was successful and intelligent, and a very caring wife & mother. All her hard work was great while she supported her family & him – but it was over for him. He was losing control. Before his arrest in October 2011 – Daniel admitted his infidelity to his mother, his mother-in-law & family friends

    Again – prior to arrest in October 2011 – he stated to several people that if Elizabeth did not obey him & maintain their marriage on his terms – “I will destroy her”.

    He called many of her colleagues, her friends, his family, various bloggers, and any one else he could think of – to say he THOUGHT his wife was cheating. When it was in fact him with the affair. Only two of her friends talked with Elizabeth to get the truth. Daniel is getting many ignorant, lying, know-nothing bloggers & family members to tell his lies on the internet – in hopes of getting to the criminal court to go easy on him & to get the divorce court to give him the kids.

    FACTS –
    1. Her husband committed adultery – not Elizabeth.
    2. Daniel told the girl he was with that he wanted to leave Nevada with her & abandon his wife & kids.
    3. Later Daniel attempted to rape Elizabeth.
    4. For a few days before the arrest – he held her hostage in the house – taking her purse, keys, & phone.
    5. The day of the arrest – he forced her to go to counseling with him by telling her if she did not go with him she would never see her kids again & he would destroy her.
    6. Daniel was arrested for Felony lewd conduct. After he was released from jail – he filed for divorce.
    7. He was also charged with felony coercion and felony battery.
    8. Elizabeth & her children still live in their Las Vegas house – alone.
    9. Daniel has admitted and agreed to all statements in the police report on his arrest – multiple times.

    Daniel is narcissistic – tries to make every one think he is the greatest person in the world – but while at home his family suffered from his disinterst, control & put-downs – most things in his marriage were for him. He is sociopathic – he will use any relationship for his own benefit to the harm or determent of others.
    Daniel has violated court orders to not discuss his case outside the court – and giving all the bloggers incorrect information to spread. If any of these bloggers knew the facts they would shut up. Chuck Muth has a copy of the police report and yet he still continues to spread lies – but he and Daniel have the same attorney.

    Daniel professes to be a Christian but is mentally abusive to his wife & kids. He does not pay for support for his kids.

  3. maxhenry48 says:

    Chuck Muth is a pathological liar and his only goal is to ensure the democrats keep the majority in the State Legislature.

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