“Campaign Doctor” may be in hot water for political malpractice

Chuck muth is the self-proclaimed “campaign doctor” and while muth’s part-time political consultanting might be an enjoyable pastime for him, it’s downright dangerous for his “patients”.

Even though chuck muth’s own failure as a political candidate and consultant is very well documented, muth continues to bully his way into others’ political campaigns which more often than not end in disastrous results (see MUTH KISS OF DEATH).

chuck muth is kind of like that insurance salesman from groundhog day who ends up selling the policy only because he’s so annoying, not because he is competent.

Richard McArthur is the latest victim of chuck muth’s political malpractice. You will recall chuck recently had his panties in a wad because Michael Roberson and the State Senate Caucus have completely stopped listening to him.

Of course you knew that could only be half the story. The punch line is chuck muth seems to be working on McArthur’s campaign, but he didn’t disclose it when he was “reporting” on twitter. What’s worse, chuck muth used a non-profit to ‘help’ McArthur and the non-profit should not even legally be involved with political campaigns!

The whole incident was documented by Orrin Johnson (muth’s intellectual superior and non comment deleting conservative blogger). If you care to see the gory details of muth’s latest idiotic incident click here to be taken directly to Orrin’s blog.

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