Muth 101: Never let the truth get in the way of a bipolar blog entry or spam e-mail

Well chuck muth has done it again. In the last three weeks he’s made three huge mistakes that, even by his low standards, were so bad he had to actually sort of apologize for them.

I won’t bore you blind with the details, instead let me just provide the links and you can see for yourself. Oh and the most endearing part of chuck muth’s continual keystone cops style of “political communication” is that the guy then brags about his incompetence as if he is selling the emperor new clothing.

1) chuck muth accuses Orrin Johnson ( of plagiarism, only to delete the post when it becomes obvious muth “got his facts wrong”.

2) chuck muth publishes a newspaper “editorial” without disclosing he was being paid for his opinion. A real reporter called him on it, and then muth spent 1,500 words trying to justify his deception. — plus he attempts to throw the newspaper under the bus for opening the “wrong e-mail”.

3) chuck muth improperly uses his non-profit organization, “Citizen Overreach” to campaign for a candidate that is now certain to lose.

If it were just one or two blunders over the course of say one year or even every six months you might give muth the benefit of the doubt, but chuck muth is so incompetent that he literally steps in it every single week.

Still chuck muth continues to try and get paid by donors, clients & “subscribers” in spite of his demonstrable ineptness.

Truly chuck muth has no shame, and that has been his political undoing.

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