chuck muth boasts about stealing Rush Limbaugh’s work


Happy Thanksgiving! Time to ‘cut and paste’ another person’s work.

It’s Thanksgiving, and if you live on Planet Muth that means you get to lift a 1,200 word essay on the pilgrims. In a predictable and pathetic blog post chuck muth uses America’s favorite holiday as an excuse to “borrow” Rush Limbaugh’s classic portrayal of how and why the pilgrims first celebrated Thanksgiving.

Of course, chuck muth never needs an excuse to steal someone else’s work and pawn it off as his own. He has a history of regularly plagiarizing, misrepresenting or otherwise abusing fair use doctrine.

Again, it’s Thanksgiving and there are football games to watch so don’t over-analyze why chuck muth habitually lifts other people’s intellectual work. It would be easy to dismiss chuck muth as lazy, but that can’t be it, after all we know chuck invests hundreds of hours into trolling  facebook pages and scraping e-mail addresses for his spamming operation. You have to admit he does ‘work’.

Perhaps the answer to why he rips off others work is self-evident, chuck muth just isn’t smart enough to come up with his own original and inspiring thoughts.

P.S. If you want to see Rush Limbaugh commentary on Thanksgiving click here and go directly to the source.

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