Muth the Martyr

In a desperate attempt to justify his toxic political engagement, chuck muth is now playing the victim.

Looks like ‘major donors’ have finally had enough of toxic chuck muth. How can chuck keep the political con game going? Of course, play the victim. Genius!

In a recent ‘muth half truths’ post, chuck bemoans the fact his attacks on conservative office holders in Nevada were seen as “out of step”.  Muth candidly admits that as a result of his crusading he is losing “major donors”, but no matter what happens he  “won’t shut up”!

Attaboy chuck! You stand up and be heard! In fact, please continue your bi-polar, fork-tongued babbling so your remaining ‘major donors’ will see your outlandish and inaccurate claims for what they are.

Just one request. After you lose all remaining credibility (and donors) don’t play the victim.

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