The final word on the Chuck Muth Elizabeth Halseth affair

What The Chuck happened?!? Don’t forget, Chuck Muth named Halseth the #1 Conservative in Nevada. After all, muth gushed, “Elizabeth Halseth. She’s young. She’s attractive. She’s intelligent… She’s also a fire-breathing conservative!” How could a relationship steeped in such unbridled admiration have soured so drastically?

It has barely been two years since Chuck Muth was falling all over himself praising Elizabeth Halselth as Nevada’s ‘Number One Conservative’. High praise indeed from the self-proclaimed protector of all things conservative (except of course for his push for a new services  tax and promoting gay marriage).

Surely Chuck Muth, the famed “campaign doctor” and “professional political consultant with 17.5 years of experience”  knows a rocked ribbed conservative when he sees one. So how did Muth go from Halseth’s leading fan to an obsessive Halseth detractor? As Paul Harvey used to say, stay tuned for the rest of the story.

A talented, albeit neophyte, politician falls victim to a political snake oil salesman. After initially falling for his hard sell tactics, she quickly realizes that he is much more of a liability than an asset and she decides to end the relationship.

Unfortunately, Chuck Muth has a very poor track record of ending political relationships, and he would be damned if Elizabeth Halselth was going to leave him. If he couldn’t be part of her political career, then he would do everything possible to destroy it.

While the confidential details of the Senator’s personal life were ready made fodder for a confidant turned turncoat like Muth, the real reason for his over-the-top venom towards Senator Halselth is not much more complicated than this:

Chuck Muth felt spurned. This rejection turned to anger. An enraged Chuck  Muth become a relentless cyber bully. It was Chuck Muth’s obsessive harassment that Halseth says led to her resignation (a  resignation incidentally which gave liberals control of the Nevada State Senate by one seat).

And now you know…the rest of the story.

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