Is Chuck Muth taking a tax write off to go bowling?

We all know chuck muth hates taxes, so it's no surprise he may be "taking liberties" as the self-appointed President of Citizen Overreach.

Has chuck muth’s hatred of taxes resulted in him taking bogus write offs as the self-appointed President of Citizen Overreach?

Unlike the many conservative non-profits which have been targeted by the IRS for pure political purposes, Citizen Overreach, er Outreach, may be targeted for actually coloring outside the lines of acceptable financial behavior.

Now that kind of speculation could be grounds for libel if chuck muth, the organization’s one man operation, hadn’t made repeated self-incriminating comments on his tedious blog,

It’s a good bet you haven’t read the blog entry from his “Carson City Trip”. If you are a glutton for punishment feel free to click here for the titillating details of chuck’s latest three day adventure. Better yet don’t click there and let me give you the punchline:

Chuck drives up to Reno/Carson City and tries to convince Assemblyman Jim Wheeler and Dr. Robin Titus that they should engage his services in the 2014 election cycle. In between those two meetings he gets pulled over by the police and, according to chuck, the officer sees his car is registered to Citizen Overreach rather than to chuck himself. Chuck goes on to imply if not for the bogus registration he would have received a ticket.

Now if the purpose of chuck’s weekend foray to Reno consisted of meeting with volunteers of his group or even soliciting money for Citizen Overreach, then you could see how he might justifiably have  the car registered to the non-profit entity.

However, chuck admits he wasn’t actually on Citizen Overreach official business. First, he was trying to lock up a couple of ‘clients’ for the ‘campaign doctor‘ in two Northern Nevada Republican primaries. And second he was taking his teenage daughter and a couple of her friends bowling.

There you have it, chuck was road tripping with teenage girls for three days and hustling Republican candidates in safe districts in his “non-profit” vehicle. Tell me again why would anybody give money to this political parasite?

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