What The Chuck?!? Bipolar muth now embracing “Paultards”?

On a recent blog post under the headline GOP Empire Strikes Back, chuck muth reflectively complains, “In 2008 it was the GOP establishment in Nevada that generally treated the Ron Paul people like lepers.”

Muth goes onto say that because a ‘principled Ron Paul supporter’ lost the Clark County GOP chairmanship there is now no hope for the Republican party.

chuck muth ron paul paultards

Since 2008 chuck muth has repeatedly gone out of his way to belittle Ron Paul and his supporters.

Unfortunately chuck muth has a very long record of disparaging ‘principled Ron Paul supporters’. In fact, muth even claims to have coined the distasteful term “paultards” and has used it on his blog liberally.

It’s not much of a surprise to see chuck muth attempting to now curry favor with Ron Paul Republicans, that’s what happens when your convictions are for hire. Too bad for chuck he burned the Ron Paul bridge years ago, and more than once.

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