I’m not a “Campaign Doctor” but I play one on the internet

Chuck Muth is a political loser.

In May of last year Chuck Muth claims to have had a life changing event at a four day seminar. He realized he was wasting his time tweeting all day and sending out spam e-mails. He wrote on his blog he was “Unplugging from the Matrix” and would be going “cold turkey from Twitter”. Instead Muth’s efforts would be focused on his alter ego, ‘The Campaign Doctor’. This good doctor, we were told, would begin studying books by the likes of Robert Skrob and MaryEllen Tribby and would work to “show conservative candidates how to get more votes.”

Predictably, Chuck Muth quickly broke his personal resolution of not sending out spam e-mails and wasting time retweeting @SteveSebelius. What’s worse, he hasn’t been able to help any candidates “get more votes”, at least not enough to win an election.

When Chuck Muth backs a candidate they generally lose. In a state as small as Nevada, and with a political brain as big as Chuck Muth’s, you would think Chuck would at least have a winning record. He doesn’t.

What’s the saying, “Those who can do. Those who can’t send out spammy Campaign Doctor e-mails.”

While Chuck Muth was busy attacking Danny Tarkanian on Sue Lowden's behalf, Sharron Angle shot past them both and handed the most vuleranble Senate Majority leader in a generation an easy re-election. Thank you Chuck!

While Chuck Muth was busy attacking Danny Tarkanian on Sue Lowden’s behalf, Sharron Angle shot past them both and handed the most vulnerable Senate Majority leader in a generation an easy re-election.

Even more damning for the self-proclaimed arbiter of all things conservative in Nevada, most of Chuck’s losses have happened in GOP primaries, not in general elections!

Candidates actually do much better without the Campaign Doctor’s “help”. Here’s the most recent, albeit incomplete, list of Nevada candidates who Chuck Muth hasn’t been able to get elected:

Cindy Lake – Lost her re-election bid for Clark County GOP Chairman. Even with Muth’s vast political experience and his full arsenal of negative campaign propaganda at Lake’s disposal, Cindy’s opponent, a relative unknown on the Nevada political scene, won the election.

Swadeep Nigam – This one must have really, really stung. Mr. Nigam, is an experienced GOP political hand who was running to replace Mark Sherwood in an open state assembly primary race. Sherwood’s handpicked successor, and first time candidate, crushed Muth’s party insider.

Richard McCarthur – Running as a two-term member of the legislature for an open state senate seat against a freshman assemblyman, who didn’t even sign Muth’s pledge. Guess who lost? And it wasn’t even close.

Greg Brower – The current Nevada State Senator won a crucial re-election race in 2012 against a very formidable opponent. Brower won that race without Muth.

chuck muth, greg brower

Greg Brower learned his lesson in a failed congressional bid that allowed Chuck Muth to temporarily hold him over a barrel.

But Brower wasn’t so lucky a year earlier running against Mark Amodei in a special closed GOP primary to fill Dean Heller’s vacant congressional seat. If Muth hadn’t helped Brower lose that election, Greg would be a United States Congressman for life right now.

Patrick Mcnaught – Running in the GOP primary for Senate District 12 as a conservative businessman, Muth helped sell donors, and voters, on the ‘inevitability’ of his pledge signing candidate. In the end it was another crushing defeat for a Chuck Muth favored candidate.

Patrick Mcnaught (again) – Running to replace Mark Amodei as the GOP state chairman. Muth’s approach in this campaign was very passive-aggressive. He was running against Amy Tarkanian. The wife of Danny Tarkanian whom he had earlier publicly slimed on the way to losing the  United States Senate primary election for Sue Lowden.

The good news for Mr. Mcnaught? After losing those two elections, and without Chuck’s help, he’s gone onto a successful government affairs position in the private sector.

Danny Tarkanian – Somehow Danny let Chuck come crawling back (see Sue Lowden) to participate, albeit on the outer edges of his 2012 general election campaign. You will recall Tarkanian made a minor verbal stumble around the issue of race in his match up against Steven Horsford. Naturally Chuck Muth fanned those flames and Tarkanian lost ground.

Certainly Danny Tarkanain had a tough race in a district that favors D’s by 14 points, but Muth’s unfiltered mouth certainly didn’t help Danny win over any hearts or minds of undecided voters.

Sue Lowden – Long and tedious story very short. Chuck Muth’s dirty tricks and smear campaign against Danny Tarkanian (spam e-mails, tag teaming with Alan Stock, tortured blog posts, etc.) backfired on Sue Lowden and ultimately cleared the primary field for Sharron Angle.

In one of the worst congressional mid-term elections for the party in power, Chuck Muth managed to help  ruin the chances of either Sue Lowden or Danny Tarkanian, both of whom had a much better chance at upending Senator Harry Reid's re-election campaign.

Chuck Muth’s mudslinging managed to help ruin the chances for either Sue Lowden or Danny Tarkanian to unseat Senator Harry Reid in the 2010 midterm election. Both Lowden and Tarkanian were much stronger general election candidates than Sharron Angle.

The most embarrassing part of this particular campaign for Muth was the way he repeatedly and publicly solicited the Lowden campaign to let him get a piece of the action. In one post Muth told Sue Lowden it was time to bring in “experienced and professional consultants”.

Once Muth finally got on Lowden’s payroll as one of those “experienced and professional consultants,” Muth identified Danny Tarkanian, as the most formidable primary opponent and began the negative campaigning that ultimately undermined Sue Lowden’s efforts.

After the general election Senator Reid sent Chuck Muth a big thank you card and a dozen roses.

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