about idiot muth

Idiotmuth.com is a satirical rebuke to the excessive, repeated and disingenuous attacks by Chuck Muth on elected officials and others in Nevada.

In the name of ‘free speech’, which Chuck Muth claims to cherish above life itself, idiotmuth.com exposes Chuck Muth’s inconsistent and unfair commentary.

Muth attacks liberals, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, the Tea Party and anyone with whom he disagrees or who has rejected him. Chuck Muth’s political attacks are more often than not personal, rather than principled, which makes updating idiotmuth.com fairly easy.

Ultimately Muth’s myopic personal agenda, egocentric worldview and toxic methods of communicating are a disservice to political dialogue and debate in Nevada.

5 Responses to about idiot muth

  1. muththemoron says:

    Muth says: “an anti-Chuck Muth blog which is about as juvenile and amateurish as anything I’ve ever seen, including sites set up by 8-year-olds.”

    What is the difference between this blog-site and Muth’s? If you read Muth’s bullshit, it is juvenile and amateurish as anything I’ve ever seen, including sites set up by 8-year-olds. Obviously Muth must be butt-hurt, or should say, “The Muth Truths” hurts, or he would not give it this much attention.

    Muth blog-site is a daily zombie-drone style “be conservative” or else, a broken record of daily rhetoric and propaganda only Tokyo Rose would love. Muth has absolutely nothing to say, is totally irrelevant to politics and society in general. His existence only thrives from GOP PACS/Lobbying groups, that are too lazy to spread the word of their agenda. Unfortunately for them, they picked an ass-clown for a spokesperson, and this is the main reason why the GOP is the minority in the state.

    Muth is about as popular as Ensign/Gibbons in this state, and Angle has more supporters than this arrogant self righteous/self centered/egotistical GOP reject. When you read Chuckles ramblings, he only amuses himself, and only he thinks he is in the right, hence the GOP minority again. Chuck should get a real job, instead of being greased constantly with his hand out. ” I am president and CEO of Citizens Outreach”..who gives a flying f**k.

  2. kww777 says:

    Were Muth the Mouth only an IDIOT we could live with that. But being a narcissist, suffering from delusions of grandeur, armed with a keyboard, makes this half-witted, one-dimensional person a real danger to REAL Conservatives. When will people realize he is just a self centered leach and quit inviting him to any public events? Cheers!

  3. muththemoron says:

    Too funny, Muth has a facebook page, has only 19 “likes”. Let see, his wife kids/Ed “porn” Goedhart, Bob “loser” Beers, his grammy, his bankruptcy attorney, Dan Burdishit, Amodie PAC money, can’t imagine who the last few could be.

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