Chuck Muth, Nevada’s #1 Internet Troll

December 29, 2011

Nobody trolls the internet like chuck muth. Don’t be surprised if he’s spamming your facebook fans right now.

Nevada’s most prolific internet troll is alive and well. On the latest post chuck drones on about how many fans a recently announced candidate in Northern Nevada has on his Facebook Fanpage. Then after a lame attempt to ridicule the person running for public office (something muth did unsuccessfully), he sends the fans of that candidate spam e-mail.

Memo to chuck muth: Your toxic methods of attempted character assassination are ineffective and ultimately become a liability for your ‘clients’. Maybe that’s why Mike Roberson, Robert Uithoven and even Dan Burdish are trying to distance themselves from you.

While the SOS is pursuing those alleged violations of the law, maybe your long and “accomplished” record of trolling the web will become part of the investigation. It would be real interesting to see what a subpoena of your computer turns up.