Is Chuck Muth Bipolar or Just a Liar?

January 3, 2015

By now anybody who cares to know is aware that Chuck Muth has about as much credibility passing judgment on elected officials as Elizabeth Taylor did picking husbands.

Listening to Chuck Muth about Nevada politics, is like taking relationship advice from Liz Taylor.

Listening to Chuck Muth about Nevada politics, is like taking relationship advice from Liz Taylor (pictured with marriage #8, Larry Fortensky).

The latest case in point is John Hambrick, the veteran Assemblyman and former Clark County GOP Chairman, whom Muth has lauded for years. Who can forget this inspiring post just a couple of weeks ago on his award whining blog,

Thus is the Horatio Alger-like fortune of conservative Republican Assemblyman John Hambrick, the new Speaker-designate for the Nevada State Assembly, whose story reminds us of the old saying, “No guts, no glory.”

Now it’s not like Chuck is some novice, who doesn’t know the players in Nevada politics. He bills himself as “having extensive public policy and political experience”. And yet, when Mr. Mouth lips off about John Hambrick, or any of the other dozens of right of center politicians whom he previously endorsed or praised, he expects us to forget all the wonderful things he said about the very subjects he now attacks?

So to the readers of Chuck’s spam e-mails: Check your source. Chuck’s track record of talking out of both sides of his Muth is well documented and his hidden agenda motives are more than suspect.

What The Chuck?!? Bipolar muth now embracing “Paultards”?

July 26, 2013

On a recent blog post under the headline GOP Empire Strikes Back, chuck muth reflectively complains, “In 2008 it was the GOP establishment in Nevada that generally treated the Ron Paul people like lepers.”

Muth goes onto say that because a ‘principled Ron Paul supporter’ lost the Clark County GOP chairmanship there is now no hope for the Republican party.

chuck muth ron paul paultards

Since 2008 chuck muth has repeatedly gone out of his way to belittle Ron Paul and his supporters.

Unfortunately chuck muth has a very long record of disparaging ‘principled Ron Paul supporters’. In fact, muth even claims to have coined the distasteful term “paultards” and has used it on his blog liberally.

It’s not much of a surprise to see chuck muth attempting to now curry favor with Ron Paul Republicans, that’s what happens when your convictions are for hire. Too bad for chuck he burned the Ron Paul bridge years ago, and more than once.

Muth vs. Muth: Extending Sunset Taxes

June 13, 2011

Welcome to Muth vs. Muth (first of many). It’s a simple game really, in fact it’s so amazingly easy to play you could dedicate an entire blog to Chuck Muth going back on his ‘principles’. Since Muth actually has no principles, the game is almost ruined for lack of challenge.

Nevertheless; here goes, three quotes from Bipolar Chuck. Best two out three wins.

Quote #1 – “In a worst-case scenario, Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling might – MIGHT – result in around $400 million that needs to be subtracted from the amended budget the governor proposed earlier this month …. In other words, even in the worst-case scenario, there is still NO NEED TO EXTEND THE SUNSETS!” OPPOSES

Quote #2 – “And while this might get me tossed out of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, be it known that I’m not about to give the Democrats and their allies the satisfaction of seeing me toss Gov. Sandoval under the bus if he feels compelled by extraordinary circumstances to extend the sunsets.” SUPPORTS

Quote #3 – “I know some of you are going to call Gov. Sandoval a sell-out and a RINO. That’s fine. I understand. But if you go to war with Brian Sandoval over this (extending sunset taxes), just know that I’ll be on the governor’s side.” SUPPORTS

Final Score by split decision: Two points for extending sunset taxes. One point for not extending sunset taxes. The winner, and still the reigning champion of bipolar babble, Chuck Muth!