Is Chuck Muth Bipolar or Just a Liar?

January 3, 2015

By now anybody who cares to know is aware that Chuck Muth has about as much credibility passing judgment on elected officials as Elizabeth Taylor did picking husbands.

Listening to Chuck Muth about Nevada politics, is like taking relationship advice from Liz Taylor.

Listening to Chuck Muth about Nevada politics, is like taking relationship advice from Liz Taylor (pictured with marriage #8, Larry Fortensky).

The latest case in point is John Hambrick, the veteran Assemblyman and former Clark County GOP Chairman, whom Muth has lauded for years. Who can forget this inspiring post just a couple of weeks ago on his award whining blog,

Thus is the Horatio Alger-like fortune of conservative Republican Assemblyman John Hambrick, the new Speaker-designate for the Nevada State Assembly, whose story reminds us of the old saying, “No guts, no glory.”

Now it’s not like Chuck is some novice, who doesn’t know the players in Nevada politics. He bills himself as “having extensive public policy and political experience”. And yet, when Mr. Mouth lips off about John Hambrick, or any of the other dozens of right of center politicians whom he previously endorsed or praised, he expects us to forget all the wonderful things he said about the very subjects he now attacks?

So to the readers of Chuck’s spam e-mails: Check your source. Chuck’s track record of talking out of both sides of his Muth is well documented and his hidden agenda motives are more than suspect.

The final word on the Chuck Muth Elizabeth Halseth affair

March 21, 2013

What The Chuck happened?!? Don’t forget, Chuck Muth named Halseth the #1 Conservative in Nevada. After all, muth gushed, “Elizabeth Halseth. She’s young. She’s attractive. She’s intelligent… She’s also a fire-breathing conservative!” How could a relationship steeped in such unbridled admiration have soured so drastically?

It has barely been two years since Chuck Muth was falling all over himself praising Elizabeth Halselth as Nevada’s ‘Number One Conservative’. High praise indeed from the self-proclaimed protector of all things conservative (except of course for his push for a new services  tax and promoting gay marriage). Read the rest of this entry »

“Campaign Doctor” may be in hot water for political malpractice

November 23, 2011

Chuck muth is the self-proclaimed “campaign doctor” and while muth’s part-time political consultanting might be an enjoyable pastime for him, it’s downright dangerous for his “patients”.

Even though chuck muth’s own failure as a political candidate and consultant is very well documented, muth continues to bully his way into others’ political campaigns which more often than not end in disastrous results (see MUTH KISS OF DEATH). Read the rest of this entry »