The final word on the Chuck Muth Elizabeth Halseth affair

March 21, 2013

What The Chuck happened?!? Don’t forget, Chuck Muth named Halseth the #1 Conservative in Nevada. After all, muth gushed, “Elizabeth Halseth. She’s young. She’s attractive. She’s intelligent… She’s also a fire-breathing conservative!” How could a relationship steeped in such unbridled admiration have soured so drastically?

It has barely been two years since Chuck Muth was falling all over himself praising Elizabeth Halselth as Nevada’s ‘Number One Conservative’. High praise indeed from the self-proclaimed protector of all things conservative (except of course for his push for a new services  tax and promoting gay marriage). Read the rest of this entry »

WTC?!? …muth attacks GOP State Senators

November 4, 2011

It’s a safe bet you didn’t notice, but chuck muth is miffed that
Senator Michael Roberson may be cutting him loose.

You see the Republican Senate Caucus has endorsed Scott Hammond for Senate District 18 and it appears that muth was not consulted!

muth, who attempts to make half his living off of primary divisions inside the GOP, is having a public temper tantrum on

Chuck Muth is miffed about not being consulted...again.

Unfortunately, chuck muth’s predictable pattern of histrionics has
worn exceedingly thin with his ‘clients’.

…tick, tick, tick.