@ChuckMuth is an #OverTweeter

January 4, 2014

Would it be surprising if a respected political operative were to routinely expose his children’s most mundane activities via social media, as if the kids were Kardashians? Of course it would. 


In much the same way attention-starved reality TV stars seek the spot light, @ChuckMuth yearns to be noticed by publicizing many private moments with his family via Twitter and his tax deductible blogs.

Well, Chuck Muth isn’t a respected professional, and he has zero shame, so it’s not really a surprise. Now I’m not talking about the occasional “parental brag” or cute family vignette. I’m talking about regularly and routinely naming his kids and posting photos of them and their friends (creepy).

Is @ChuckMuth really so desperate to appear normal and likable that he employs his own children as a sort of twitter shield? Out of respect for their privacy I won’t quote any of the dozens of recent tweets from @ChuckMuth or mention his children’s names, but I will publicly ask Chuck to show a little bit of restraint and dignity.

Chuck, you are self-proclaimed “full-time dad”. As a “full-time dad” you should cease and desist with the overexposed tweets of your children, at least until they are old enough to consent.

With friends like chuck muth…

November 13, 2011

It’s bad enough that chuck muth is unoriginal (his lifted motto is ‘No Better Friend. No Worse Enemy’). muth is also a real big liability for those who embrace him.

Case in point State Senator Elizabeth Halseth. Senator Halseth has been thrown under the bus by chuck muth just months after Citizen Overreach proclaimed her the “#1 Conservative in Nevada”.

Of course that is what chuck does. He engages in GroupThink by lionizing people he thinks he can influence. Then when things get a little bit tough, or they disagree with him he turns them into an enemy.

chuck muth…no worse friend.

And no, muth never served as a U.S. Marine. Which makes his plagiarized motto all the more offensive.

Kiss & Tell

November 13, 2011


chuck muth is the ‘kiss of death’ for the politicians he claims to support. Elizabeth Halseth is his latest victim.