charlie shakedown

Muth can hold his own with any of the shameless hucksters roaming in politics today. He has developed a perverse need to extract money from the GOP at primary time and leading up to primary season.

One of his favorite ploys is to scare solid conservative donors into believing that somehow the GOP elected officials are WORSE THAN DEMOCRATS and that they should donate money to muth so he can “control all the RINOs” by sending out lame robo alerts from his suspect non-profit group, Citizen Overreach.



5 Responses to charlie shakedown

  1. muththemoron says:

    “Folks on our side know it ain’t going to happen,” said conservative operative Chuck Muth. “There’s a lot of apathy because we have better things to do than waste time on something that’s not going anywhere.”

    First of all…
    B.S. is not the KING.
    He does not call every shot.
    The Wizard of Oz, behind his stupid curtain, does not have THAT KIND OF POWER.

    Second of all…
    What in heck is a “political operative”?
    Chuck Muth should get a job.
    Ronald McDonald sounds just about right.

  2. kww777 says:

    Were Muth the Mouth only an IDIOT we could live with that. But being a narcissist, suffering from delusions of grandeur, armed with a keyboard, makes this half-witted, one-dimensional person a real danger to REAL Conservatives. When will people realize he is just a self centered leach and quit inviting him to any public events? Cheers!

  3. muththemoron says:

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