Chuck Muth Hair Plugs…Life Imitating Art

January 21, 2013

Remember that episode where Homer Simpson is taken seriously because he grows back his hair? Well chuck muth sure does!

You see, chuck muth wants to look smart, so he has gotten hair plugs! He is going from this…

Chuck Muth Homer Simpson

Chuck Muth (sans hair) circa 2011 doing his best Homer Simpson impression. Muth is the one on the left.

to this….

chuck muth homer simpson

Chuck Muth trying to look smart circa 2013. Hair plugs coming in just in time for latest Public Access TV appearance. (Well at least he didn’t wear the plaid shirt!)

New Year. Same old chuck.

Muth the Martyr

November 28, 2012

In a desperate attempt to justify his toxic political engagement, chuck muth is now playing the victim.

Looks like ‘major donors’ have finally had enough of toxic chuck muth. How can chuck keep the political con game going? Of course, play the victim. Genius!

In a recent ‘muth half truths’ post, chuck bemoans the fact his attacks on conservative office holders in Nevada were seen as “out of step”.  Muth candidly admits that as a result of his crusading he is losing “major donors”, but no matter what happens he  “won’t shut up”! Read the rest of this entry »

Chuck Muth comes out of the closet?

July 5, 2011

In his most recent ‘muth 1/2 truth’, Chuck Muth harped on gays for having “veritable hissy fits” and then went on to ridicule them by saying, “but gays can’t have it both ways!” 

Too ironic, a tirade on hypocrisy from a guy who has desperately been trying to “have it both ways” for years now.

(See point #2 of  ‘Groupthink 101″).

As noted above Chuck Muth recently attacked gays for being hypocrites. What’s the old adage, it takes one to know one, and Muth certainly is a hypocrite — Oh and  Chuck, please show a little self-respect the next time you are on local TV. Leave the yellow plaid shirt in the closet!

Honestly, this is just too easy.