Muth vs. Muth: Extending Sunset Taxes

June 13, 2011

Welcome to Muth vs. Muth (first of many). It’s a simple game really, in fact it’s so amazingly easy to play you could dedicate an entire blog to Chuck Muth going back on his ‘principles’. Since Muth actually has no principles, the game is almost ruined for lack of challenge.

Nevertheless; here goes, three quotes from Bipolar Chuck. Best two out three wins.

Quote #1 – “In a worst-case scenario, Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling might – MIGHT – result in around $400 million that needs to be subtracted from the amended budget the governor proposed earlier this month …. In other words, even in the worst-case scenario, there is still NO NEED TO EXTEND THE SUNSETS!” OPPOSES

Quote #2 – “And while this might get me tossed out of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, be it known that I’m not about to give the Democrats and their allies the satisfaction of seeing me toss Gov. Sandoval under the bus if he feels compelled by extraordinary circumstances to extend the sunsets.” SUPPORTS

Quote #3 – “I know some of you are going to call Gov. Sandoval a sell-out and a RINO. That’s fine. I understand. But if you go to war with Brian Sandoval over this (extending sunset taxes), just know that I’ll be on the governor’s side.” SUPPORTS

Final Score by split decision: Two points for extending sunset taxes. One point for not extending sunset taxes. The winner, and still the reigning champion of bipolar babble, Chuck Muth!