bipolar chuck

Chuck makes no pretense of having anything that resembles intellectual honesty. There are scores of examples of ‘bipolar chuck’ in action. There are literally too many instances to list on this page.

Just one of many is the 16 hour round trip drive from Las Vegas to Carson City to “trick-or-treat” at the Governor’s Mansion. Can you say stalker?

Another one was the cozy relationship he developed with Danny Tarkanian over the course of a couple of years, only to stab Danny in the back with “”.

Who can forget the fact chuck muth regularly lifts other people’s intellectual work and passes it off as his own. The guy seriously thinks he is Rush Limbaugh. Talk about delusions of grandeur!

It makes you wonder if chuck muth has psychopathic tendencies or is just a political hack for hire.

One Response to bipolar chuck

  1. muththemoron says:

    Is it considered to be bi-polar when you claim to be a fiscal/no tax/less government conservative, then file for bankruptcy and want help from lawyers and the government? Just askin…

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