Creepy Chuck Muth begins charm offensive against Republican women

September 20, 2013

1pat·tern noun \ˈpa-tərn\

“A discernible regularity in a man-made design.  As such, the elements of a pattern repeat in a predictable manner.”

Here he goes again. Chuck Muth is trying to project relevancy by leaching onto future female GOP state politicians. In a recent blog post on, he mentions how Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, Dr. Robin Titus, Becky Harris, Mari St. Martin, Lisa Krasner, Jill Dickman, Melissa Woodbury, Amy Groves and Victoria Seaman would make the GOP caucuses “look better”.

Then just a couple of days later he posts a second rambling girl power entry concluding that “it wouldn’t exactly be unpleasant to see a lot more pretty faces in Carson City in 2015”. In both of his posts he also goes out of his way to suck up to Senator Barbara Cegavske.

Now if Chuck Muth weren’t a bipolar wackjob then those might simply be a couple of innocuous comments.

Unfortunately, Chuck is dripping with ulterior motives.

MOTIVE #1 –  Chuck Muth needs to show Grover Norquist that he is still mildly relevant in Nevada state politics. That’s why Chuck has already begun to flatter and “charm” the next crop of GOP women candidates. And ladies after the charm wears off, Chuck Muth may likely harass, intimidate, cajole or otherwise influence you into letting him take a photo of  you signing his pledge. Ladies, trust me. The last thing you want is a photo of Chuck Muth lording over you. You will absolutely hate yourself in the morning!

Chuck Muth playing doctor

Do you really want to play doctor with this guy?

MOTIVE #2 – Chuck Muth has to justify the cheesy “campaign doctor” persona. He desperately wants just one of the many accomplished women who will be running for state office in 2014 to hire him as a consultant. And if they don’t hire him, then at least they should buy his four page ‘book’ on Amazon for $5.95!

MOTIVE #3 – Chuck Muth has to make up for attacking Amy Tarkanian and Barbara Cegavske. It was bad enough that Chuck actively campaigned against Amy Tarkanian when she easily won the position of Party State Chair (again, his candidates typically seem to lose).

Subsequent to Muth’s passive-aggressive ‘support’ of Amy Tarkanian, he actively campaigned against Barbara Cegavske in her 2012 bid for congress. It is incredibly odd that Muth, the would-be ladies man, would have so publicly gone after Cegavske, one of the most accomplished women of either party currently serving in Nevada. Now that Cegavske is very likely going to be the next Secretary of State, Chuck has some serious fence mending to do.

MOTIVE #4 – Chuck Muth really gets off on thinking he is controlling others, especially politically powerful women. And in case that isn’t self-evident to you just refer back to his toxic relationship with Elizabeth Halseth.

Some advice for the next batch of GOP women candidates; When Chuck Muth begins to contact you, and trust me he will. Politely ignore him.