Grover Norquist not happy with chuck muth?

November 21, 2011

In a stunning turn of events it appears chuck muth’s no-tax pledge franchise may be in jeopardy. Why? Because Nevada has significantly under-performed for Grover Norquist versus the rest of the country.

In fact, chuck muth’s ability to get state elected officials in Nevada to sign “the pledge” is by far one of the worst in the nation. At the federal level both Republican congressmen have signed the pledge, but that is to be expected. Nearly all federally elected office holders do.

Chuck Muth in happier times was able to get a photo-op with a Republican governor signing the pledge. Of course we know how that worked out for the ex-governor. Nevada's current Republican Governor wants nothing to do with Chuck Muth and that governor has a 75% approval rating!

But at the state level most Republicans, including the Governor, Lt. Governor and the overwhelming majority of the Republican legislators have not signed “the pledge”. What’s worse for chuck muth’s job evaluation is the fact that Nevada’s Governor actually opposes taxes, yet he recognizes muth for the bipolar loser he is — which is why Grover Norquist’s ‘official pledge’ goes unsigned.

And guess who is on the hot seat for Nevada’s poor showing? That’s right chuck muth. His biggest problem according to more than one elected official in Nevada is that he is a political liability who can not be trusted with information.

Muth has become the stereotypical political parasite to both politicians (e.g. Elizabeth HalsethEd Goedhardt, Richard McCarthur, etc.) and political journalists (pathological liar, etc.).

So if you are an articulate conservative who has no history of stalking the governor’s mansion or advocating for statewide service taxes and gay marriage, then you might want to call Grover Norquist about a possible job opening in Nevada.