muth profile

Jon Ralston identified chuck muth as a bully and a pathological liar.

By making anyone who disagrees with him the enemy, chuck muth exhibits the emotional intelligence of a 7th grader. You almost feel sorry for chuck muth until you read the down right mean-spirited personal attacks he routinely spews on his blogs and via one-on-one personal interactions (and please chuck, don’t use the tired line about bean bags and elbows).

Of course if muth thinks you can be helpful to him, or write him a check, he will turn on the charm. The two faces of chuck should not be a surprise to anyone, it’s a classic bully profile.

4 Responses to muth profile

  1. kww777 says:

    Were Muth the Mouth only an IDIOT we could live with that. But being a narcissist, suffering from delusions of grandeur, armed with a keyboard, makes this half-witted, one-dimensional person a real danger to REAL Conservatives. When will people realize he is just a self centered leach and quit inviting him to any public events? Cheers!

  2. muththemoron says:

    The Ralston wannabe. The man that wants less government, but files for bankruptcy due to his personal self-centered greed and indulgence. Can you imagine being a conservative/less government preacher, then ask the government to help bale your worthless ass out, and ask us taxpayers to help him with his own personal bankruptcy? What a loser.

    If he cannot pay his bills, makes you wonder how he can claim being a chairman to a worthless organization called Citzens Outreach? Citizens for whom? Bankruptcy?

    Citizens Outreach, sounds like it is an organization for us simpleton people. But just another PAC donation front for Muth to get greased by out of state donors, and is part of his lobbying efforts. It is not about “citizens”, us “citizens” wouldn’t want white trash like Muth to represent us.He is President and CEO, too funny, and who f**king cares, and his board members are Larry/Moe and Curly.

    A non-profit grass roots organization? Right….Check this link out, scroll to comments below and see how Chuckles stiffed tons of folks with his bankruptcy:

  3. muththemoron says:

    an you find out how Muth “really” gets paid?He hides behind the 501(c)3’s the IRS’s rules governing these groups. To use the US Tax Code to advance a political point of view while shielding donors with his Citizen Outreach seems pretty shady to me. I think some sort of investigation should be launched

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